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Editor Margherita Sarfatti
Frequency Monthly
First issue January 1922
Final issue 1943
Country Italy
Language Italian
OCLC number 1751112

Gerarchia (Italian: Hierarchy) was a monthly fascist magazine/journal published in Italy between 1922 and 1943.

History and profile[edit]

Gerarchia was founded in January 1922 by Benito Mussolini.[1] The magazine was the unofficial organ of the regime at that time[2] and was instrumental in making Italy a totalitarian state.[3]

It published monthly reviews.[4][5] Mussolini was listed on the magazine's masthead as its editor-in-chief.[1] However, the magazine's actual editor, from its founding, was Margherita Sarfatti.[1][6] Her name did not appear on the magazine until its February 1925 edition, where she was listed simply as "direttore responsabile" (i.e. the personal legally responsible for the magazine).[6]

The magazine ceased publication in 1943.[4]

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