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Gérard Landry
Born Gerard de la Gatineria
(1912-10-16)16 October 1912
Buenos Aires,  Argentina
Died 18 September 1999 (aged 86)
Nice,  France
Occupation Actor
Years active 1932–1986
Spouse(s) Jacqueline Porel (1951–19??;divorced); 1 child
Janine Darcey (19??-1993; her death

Gérard Landry (16 October 1912 – 18 September 1999) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and began acting in 1932 with his first movie Mirages de Paris. He had acted for over fifty years and has been in over ninety films. Landry also starred in Les Trottoirs de Bangkok (The Sidewalks of Bangkok), a film from French director Jean Rollin.[citation needed]

Personal life/death[edit]

Landry married twice. His first wife was actress Jacqueline Porel (1918-2012),[1] they had a son, actor Marc Porel but the marriage ended in divorce.[2] His second wife was Janine Darcey (1917-1993). Gérard Landry died 18 September 1999 in Nice, France, aged 86.


Year Title Role Notes
1932 Mirages de Paris
1932 Tossing Ship other title – Coups de Roulis
1933 L'Épervier
1938 Chére-Bibi Gérard
1938 The Patriot Le Tsarévitch
1938 La Bête Humaine Le fils Dauvergne (credited as Gerard Landry) other title – Judas was a Woman
1940 Paradis Perdu Gérard other title – Paradise Lost
1941 Vénus Aveugle Gazul other title – Blind Venus
1942 Cap au Large François
1942 Hommes Sans Peur, LesLes Hommes Sans Peur Jacques Monval other title – Man Without Fear
1944 Béatrice Devant le Désir José other title – Behold Beatrice
1944 Mort ne Reçoit Plus, LeLe Mort ne Reçoit Plus Claude Desbordes
1946 Lunegarde Georges Costes
1949 Barry Sylvain Bavoizet
1950 Nuit S'achève, LaLa Nuit S'achève
1950 84 Prend des Vacances, LeLe 84 Prend des Vacances Pierrot
1951 Night Without Stars Pierre Chaval
1951 Casabianca Lt. Dalac other title – Pirate Submarine
1951 Sérénade au Bourreau Didier Laurent
1951 Désir et L'amour, LeLe Désir et L'amour Gérard – le jeune premier
1952 Chasse à L'homme, LaLa Chasse à L'homme
1952 Une Enfant dans la Tourmente Emile Ferronais
1953 Passionate Song Albert Dupont
1953 Lovers of Toledo Fernando de la Cierva other title – Les Amants de Tolède
1953 L'étrange Amazone Dr. Pierre Fournier
1953 Club des 400 Coups, LeLe Club des 400 Coups Gérard Ginot
1953 The Slave Bernard Turenne other title – L'esclave
1953 Musoduro Romolo other title – The Hunt
1954 Tua per la Vita
1954 Cento Serenate Dick Nelson
1954 Fille Perdue, LaLa Fille Perdue Jean-Marie Kermadec
1954 The Blonde Gypsy Pedro Carque Blonde
1955 Rivale, LaLa Rivale Maggiore Roberto Serni other title – The Rival
1956 Rigoletto e la sua tragedia Count of Mantua other title – Rigoletto
1956 Kean Principe di Galles other title – Kean: Genius or Scoundrel
1956 Giovanni dalle Bande Nere Gasparo, the Traitor other title – The Violent Patriot
1956 Lo Spadaccino Misterioso Duca Ubaldo other title – The Mysterious Swordsman
1956 Trapeze Chikki (credited as Gerard Landry)
1957 Orizzonte Infuocato Roberto
1957 The Black Devil Osvaldo de' Marzi
1957 Solo Dio mi Fermerà
1958 Morte Viene dallo Spazio, LaLa Morte Viene dallo Spazio other title – The Day the Sky Exploded
1958 Pirata dello sparviero Nero, IlIl Pirata dello sparviero Nero Capitan Riccardo other titles – Pirate of the Black Hawk, Pirates of the Black Hawk
1959 Reali di Francia, II Reali di Francia Gontrano other titles – Attack of the Moors, The Kings of France
1959 Knight Without a Country other titles – Il cavaliere senza terra, The Faceless Rider
1959 Avvent in Città Enrico
1959 L'arciere Nero Corrado other title – The Black Archer
1960 Spade Senza Bandiera other title – Sword Without a Country
1960 Caravan Petrol
1960 5 Branded Women
1960 Enemy General, TheThe Enemy General Navarre
1960 Cavaliere dai Cento Volti, IlIl Cavaliere dai Cento Volti Capitano delle Guardie other title – Knight of 100 Faces
1960 Caccia al Marito Duke Massimo (credited ad Gerard Landry)
1960 Pirati della Costa, II Pirati della Costa Prosecutor other title – Pirates of the Coast
1960 Ferragosto in bikini Franz Heinrich
1961 Baccanti, LeLe Baccanti other titles – The Bacchantes, Bondage Gladiator Sexy
1961 Capitani de Ventura Brunello Montenotte other title – Rampage of Evil
1962 Re Manfredi Riccardo other title – The Defeat of the Barbarians
1962 Sangue e la Sfida, IlIl Sangue e la Sfida other title – Blood and Difiance
1962 Marcia su Roma, LaLa Marcia su Roma Milziade Bellinzoni other title – March on Rome
1963 Canzoni in... Bikini Aristide Caro
1964 Ribelle di Castelmont, IlIl Ribelle di Castelmont Mardo Degli Ammannati other title – Sword of Rebellion
1964 Barca Sin Pescador, LaLa Barca Sin Pescador
1966 Primer Cuartel, ElEl Primer Cuartel
1966 Im Nest der Gelben Viper – Das FBI Schlägt Zu other title – FBI Operation Yellow Viper
1966 Río Maldito other title – Seven Pistols for a Gringo
1967 Per Favore... Non Sparate Col Cannone The Colonel other title – The Millon Dollar Countdown
1967 Con la Muerte a la Espalda other title – With Death on Your Back
1967 Mister Dynamit – Morgen küsst euch der Tod Gen. Johnson other title – Die Slowly, You'll Enjoy it More, Spy Today, Die Tomorrow
1967 Der Sarg bleibt heute zu Commander Fernion other title – Death on a Rainy Day
1968 Horas Prohibidas other title – Forbidden Hours
1971 Casa delle Mele Mature, LaLa Casa delle Mele Mature
1971 Aveux les Plus Doux, LesLes Aveux les Plus Doux Lopez other title – The Most Gentle Confessions
1971 Continuavano a Chiamarlo Trinità Lopert other title – Trinity is STILL My Name
1973 Anche gil Angeli Mangiano Fagioli Spectator at the Catch contest other title – Even Angels Eat Beans
1974 Bacio di una Morta, IlIl Bacio di una Morta Henry de Bligny
1974 Dr. Med. Mark Wedmann – Detektiv Inbegriffen Waterstraat TV – 1 Episode
1975 Faccia di spia Mr. Rutherford other titles – C.I.A. Secret Story, Face of a Spy
1976 Laure other title – Forever Emanuelle
1983 Stangata Napoletana other title – Neapolitan Sting
1984 Bella Otero, LaLa Bella Otero TV Movie
1984 Les Trottoirs de Bangkok Phil other title – The Sidewalks of Bangkok
1984 Tutti Dentro Claudio Ferrero
1985 Ne Prends pas les Poulets pour de Pigeons Blanchard
1986 Anemia Il Nonno


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