Gerhart von Schulze-Gävernitz

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Gerhart von Schulze-Gävernitz in 1912.

Gerhart von Schulze-Gävernitz (born 25 July 1864 in Breslau; died 10 July 1943 in Krainsdorf) was a German economist.


He became professor at Freiburg in 1893, and at Heidelberg in 1896, and then returned to Freiburg. After his retirement, he became a Quaker.


  • Zum sozialen Frieden (Toward a peaceful society; 1890)
  • Grossbetrieb (Large operations; 1892)
  • Thomas Carlyles Welt- und Lebensanschauung (Thomas Carlyles view of life and the world; 1893)
  • Volkswirtschaftliche Studien aus Russland (Political economic studies from Russia; 1899)
  • Britischer Iperialismus und enqlischer Freihandel zu Beginn des 20-ten Jahrhunderis(British Imperialism and English Free Market at the beginnings of 20th century;1906)
  • Democracy and religion. A Study in Quakerism (1931)


His son, Gero von Schulze-Gaevernitz, was also an economist.

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