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Germain Belzile is an economist born in Chicago (USA) in 1957. Both his parents are from Quebec (Canada). He holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematical Economics from the Université Laval and a M.Sc. in Economics (macroeconomics) from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). He has done further doctoral studies in Economics at UQAM. He specializes in macroeconomic theory, macroeconomic policies, money and banking, and international economics.[1]


Germain Belzile has taught Economics at HEC Montreal[1] and UQAM[2] for 25 years at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He joined the Montreal Economic Institute in May 2010 as Director of Research.[3]

He is a co-author of Principes de microéconomie[4] and Principes de macroéconomie,[4] the “best seller” economics textbook in French-speaking universities in Canada.

Belzile is the author of numerous articles and he regularly participates in debates, interviews, and conferences on globalization, economics and liberalism.


Belzile considers himself as an economist with a libertarian tendency; in fact, his personal blog is called "Libertarian Economist". He has been highly influenced by Gérard Bélanger (Université Laval) and Jean-Luc Migué (ÉNAP) as well as Frédérick Bastiat, Alexis de Tocqueville, Mançur Olson, Ronald Coase, James Buchanan, and Gordon Tullock. According to him, individual freedom is the most fundamental value to preserve.



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