Getting Lucky

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Getting Lucky
Getting lucky DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Michael Paul Girard
Produced by Philip J. Jones
Written by Michael Paul Girard
Starring Steven Cooke
Lezlie Z. McCraw
Garry Kluger
Rick McDowell
Music by Miriam Cutler
Michael Paul Girard
Cinematography Gerald M. Williams
Edited by Tony Miller
Mach Studios, Inc.
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Getting Lucky (also known as Wish Me Luck) is a 1990 American fantasy-comedy film directed and written by Michael Paul Girard.

Plot [edit]

Bill Higgins (Steven Cooke), a high school senior who longs to score a date with cheerleader Krissi (Lezlie Z. McCraw), discovers an alcoholic leprechaun in a beer bottle. The leprechaun, named Lepkey, must grant Bill three wishes before he's allowed to return to Ireland. Bill's wishes end up causing more trouble due to Lepkey's alcoholism and diminished magical skills.

Principal cast [edit]

  • Steven Cooke as Bill Higgins
  • Lezlie Z. McCraw as Krissi Shackler
  • Paul Rawson as Brat with Braces
  • Rick McDowell as Tony Chanuka
  • Garry Kluger as Lepkey the Leprechaun

Additional information[edit]

  • The working title of this film was Wish Me Luck. A remake with a slightly altered storyline using the working title Wish Me Luck was released in 1995.

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