Getting into Death

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Not to be confused with Getting into Death and Other Stories.
Getting into Death
Getting into death.jpg
Dust-jacket from the first edition
Author Thomas M. Disch
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Science fiction short stories
Publisher Rupert Hart-Davis
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 206 pp
ISBN 0-246-10614-X
OCLC 961143
LC Class PZ4.D615 Gg3 PS3554.I8

Getting into Death is a collection of science fiction stories by Thomas M. Disch. It was first published by Rupert Hart-Davis in 1974. Many of the stories originally appeared in the magazines Transatlantic Review, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Fantastic, New Worlds, The Paris Review and Antæus.


  • "Slaves"
  • "The Happy Story"
  • "The Asian Shore"
  • "The Persistence of Desire"
  • "Quincunx"
  • "Displaying the Flag"
  • "The Beginning of April or the End of March"
  • "The Planet Arcadia"
  • "The Invasion of the Giant Stupid Dinosaurs"
  • "A Kiss Goodbye"
  • "[X] Yes"
  • "Feathers from the Wings of an Angel"
  • "Let Us Quickly Hasten to the Gate of Ivory"
  • "The Colors"
  • "The Master of the Milford Altarpiece"
  • The Complete Short Stories
    • "The Man Who Understood the Difference Between Salmon and Orange Chiffon"
    • "The Extension Cord"
    • "Mrs. Gallagher’s Psychoanalysis"
    • "The Novelist with Wooden Character"
    • "Dawn Breaks Over Crakow"
    • "The Tic"
    • "What They Do with Mothers-in-Law in Tierra Del Fuego"
    • "The Cottonwood Tree"
    • "The Golden Lemons"
    • "The Page for October Has Been Torn Off"
    • "The Romance of the Boy and the Girl"
    • "The Man Who Didn’t Doubt It"
    • "Gratitude, Or, the Serpent’s Tooth"
    • "Happy Families All Like Scrabble"
    • "Jessica, Raymond, and Jack"
    • "The Pocket from Brooks Brothers"
    • "Vapors"
    • " A Day in the Life of the Artist"
    • "Farewell to the Riviera"
    • "The Chocolate Egg"
    • "The Unspoken Wish"
    • "l’Homme"
    • "Mimi Smith"
    • "The Soliloquy in the Last Act"
    • "The Pearl Necklace,"
  • "Getting Into Death"