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Ghalib bin Ali bin Hilal Al Hinai
Born 1908[1] or 1912
Oman Oman
Died 29 November 2009 (aged 96 or 101)
Dammam, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Nationality Omani
Occupation Imam of the Imamate of Oman
Known for being the last imam in oman, and also from his tribe al hinai and al anbori

Ghalib bin Ali bin Hilal Al Hinai (Arabic: غالب بن علي الهنائي‎‎) (c. 1908 or 1912 – 29 November 2009) was the last elected Imam (ruler) of the Imamate of Oman. Since 1954, he led the Imamate of Oman in Nizwa and Oman proper in the Jebel Akhdar revolt against Sultan Said Bin Taimur's attack on his lands. The war lasted 5 years until the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces, aided by soldiers from the British Special Air Service, had put down the Jebel Akhdar revolt in 1959,[2] and Imam Ghalib Al Hinai managed to escape to Saudi Arabia. He continued for a short time to lead a temporary government-in-exile from Dammam, Saudi Arabia while the fighting continued in Oman. He continued to receive many visitors from Oman up until his death and was deeply respected by the people of Oman. He died on 29 November 2009 at the age of 96 or 101 in Dammam.[3]


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