Ghazal Al Banat

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Ghazal Al Banat
غزل البنات
Ghazal al-Banat 001.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Anwar Wagdi
Written by Anwar Wagdi
Starring Naguib el-Rihani
Leila Mourad
Anwar Wagdi
Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Release date
  • 1949 (1949)
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Ghazal Al Banat (Arabic: غزل البنات‎‎, English: The Flirtation of Girls) is a 1949 Egyptian film. It is Naguib Al Rihani's last film and was shown in cinemas after his death. Ghazal Al Banat was also the last appearance of Mohamed Abdel Wahab in film. The film was produced by Anwar Wagdi, who was married to the female lead, Laila Mourad.


Laila (Laila Mourad), daughter of the wealthy Mourad Pasha (Suleiman Naguib), can't pass her exams in the Arabic language, and seeks the help of a tutor. Marzouk Afandy (Adbel Warres Assar), who works for the Pasha, brings Mr. Hamam (Naguib Al Rihani) to help her with her studies.

Hamam falls in love with Laila, but realises she will be better off with Wahid (Anwar Wagdi). The movie takes place in several Egyptian cities.


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