Ghost House (video game)

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Ghost House
Composer(s)Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Platform(s)Master System
  • JP: April 21, 1986
  • NA: 1986
  • EU: 1986
Genre(s)2D action platformer

Ghost House (Japanese: ゴーストハウス, Hepburn: Gōsuto Hausu) is a side-scrolling horror-action video game developed and published by Sega, released for the Master System in 1986.[1] Ghost House is loosely based on Sega's 1982 arcade game, Monster Bash.

The game was originally released in the short lived Sega Card format, but was re-released on cartridge.


The player controls Mick, a young vampire hunter out to destroy five vampires (or "Draculas" as the instruction book calls them), which on later levels one or two Draculas might re-spawn after being defeated, in each stage before proceeding to the next.

Everything is out to stop Mick from completing this tasks and making his way out of the mansion. The player has to punch, or jump on, his enemies to defeat them. Arrows will be flying from either direction after Mick passes a fireplace and will attempt to hit Mick, and he must either duck or jump on them for extra points and eventually gain invincibility as per the amount jumped on (25). Players can jump to touch lights to freeze everything on screen for a few seconds. Rather than punching, the player can collect a sword on any level, after jumping in front of a candelabra, by jumping on it as it flies past him. Exploiting the game's backgrounds and tricks provide for a unique experience as well as facilitating the expulsions of all the Draculas. The sword is useful when the player fights Dracula or getting rid of Fire Blowers and Mummies.

The player starts the game with three lives, and receives an additional life every 50,000 and 150,000 points. He also has an energy meter and he loses energy when touching one of the monsters. When the player run out of energy, he ends up losing a life. He can gain energy by collecting treasures scattered throughout the mansion, and it is restored when you kill a Dracula.

Regional version[edit]

Ghost house has been released in Brazil as Chapolim X Dracula: Um Duelo Assustador by Tectoy. The sprite of Mick was replaced by the Mexican character, El Chapulín Colorado, to the point of starring in his own comic book.[citation needed]


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