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Origin Nitra, Slovakia
Genres Rock, folk, world music
Years active 1984–present
Labels EMI
Website Official website
Members Gyula Szarka
Tamás Szarka

Csaba Kún
Péter Jelasity
András Jász
Szabolcs Nagy
Tamás Széll
János Lau
Imre Molnár
Bori Varga
Past members Andor Buják

Ghymes band - consisting of Hungarians living in Slovakia - was founded at the University of Education in Nitra in 1984, by musicians with different preliminary musical experiences from classical through rock and Renaissance music. Folk elements have gradually clung together with their own individual musical ideas.

In the year of 2000 Ghymes had the opportunity to attend two remarkable events: The World Expo 2000 in Hanover (Day of Hungary) and the official celebrations of the New Millennium in Hungary (St, Stephen's day, August 20, 2000).

Smaragdváros (Emerald City) was produced by EMI Records and came out in Hungary in November 2000. In March 2001, it was #11 on the World Music Charts Europe.


  • Gyula Szarka - lead vocal, contrabass, guitar, kalabash zither, fretless bass, lute, vocals
  • Tamás Szarka - lead vocal, violin, koboz (Hungarian lute), guitar, contrabass, fretless bass, percussion, bass drum, kalabash zither, vocals
  • Csaba Kún - synthesizer, vocals
  • Péter Jelasity - alto and soprano saxophone, flute
  • András Jász - alto saxophone
  • Szabolcs Nagy - synthesizer, bass drum, vocals
  • Tamás Széll - percussion, drums
  • János Lau - percussion, drums
  • Imre Molnár - contrabass, vocals
  • Bori Varga - alto and soprano saxophone, Turkish pipe, recorder, bassoon, vocals


  • 1988: Az ifjúság sólyommadár (Youth as Falcon)
  • 1991: Ghýmes
  • 1993: Üzenet (Message)
  • 1995: Bennünk van a kutyavér (Dog's Blood's Inside Us)
  • 1996: Tűzugrás (Firejump)
  • 1998: Rege (Legend)
  • 2000: Smaragdváros (Emerald City)
  • 2001: Üzenet (Message - latest release)
  • 2002: Héjavarázs (Hawkspell)
  • 2003: Ghymes koncert (Ghymes Concert)
  • 2004: éGHYMESe (Sky Thale)
  • 2005: Csak a világ végire... (Only to the Edge of the World)
  • 2006: Messzerepülő (Farflyer)
  • 2007: Mendika
  • 2008: Álombálom (My Dream Ball)
  • 2010: Szikraszemű (Spark-eyed)

Other releases

  • 2001: A nagy mesealbum (The Big Album of Fairy Tales - various artists)
  • 2002: Bakaballada (Soldier's Ballad - with Hobo)
  • 2003: A nagy mesealbum II. (The Big Album of Fairy Tales II)
  • 2006: Üvegtigris 2 (Glass Tiger 2)

Members releases
Gyula Szarka

  • 2004: Alku (Deal)
  • 2007: Bor és a lányka (Wine and the Girl)

Tamás Szarka

  • 2004: Anonymus

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