Giacinto Bondioli

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Giacinto Bondioli
Nationality Italian
Occupation Prior, Composer

Giacinto Bondioli (1596–1636) was an Italian Dominican prior and composer. He was composer at Il convento de' PP. Predicatori di S. Domenico in Venice, and uncle and probably teacher of Biagio Marini.[1][2]


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  2. ^ Affetti Musicale Biagio Marini, Thomas D. Dunn, William D. Gudger - 1981 "Marini's uncle, Giacinto Bondioli, was also a composer, and Biagio may have studied with him.5 In 1615 Marini was accepted as an instrumentalist at San Marco in Venice, but by 1620 he was back in Brescia. Between 1621 and the spring of .."