Giacometti (surname)

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Giacometti is an Italian language surname derived from the name Giacomo.

The surname may refer to:

  • Alberto Giacometti (1901, Borgonovo, Stampa - 1966), a Swiss sculptor, painter, draughtsman, and printmaker
  • Augusto Giacometti (1877–1947), a Swiss painter; 2nd cousin of Giovanni Giacometti
  • Bruno Giacometti (1907, Stampa - 2012), a Swiss architect; The brother of Alberto and Diego Giacometti
  • Diego Giacometti (1902, Borgonovo - 1985), a Swiss sculptor and designer; The younger brother of Alberto Giacometti
  • Zaccaria Giacometti (1893-1970), a Swiss professor of constitutional law; the cousin of Alberto, Diego and Bruno Giacometti
  • Giovanni Giacometti (1868–1933), a Swiss painter; the father of Alberto, Diego, and Bruno Giacometti
  • John Giacometti (1936, in Italy - 2006), an Italian-Australian association football player
  • Paolo Giacometti (1816, Novi Ligure - 1882), an Italian dramatist
  • Roney "Giah" Giacometti (born 1975), a Brazilian composer, singer and guitarist