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Giacomo Vincenti (died 1619) was an Italian bookseller and music printer from Venice. He also spelled his name Vincenci and Vincenzi. He started printing in 1583. His partner was Ricciardo Amadino, and between 1583 and 1586 they printed about twenty books a year, mostly editions of music. Although their official partnership ended in 1586 they continued to use the same typefaces, collaborated on some editions, and held joint copyrights in others. In 1587, Vincenti published Luca Marenzio's Fourth Book of Madrigals, with the composer's dedication.[1]

Vincenti did have competition, including the firms of Gardano, Scotto and Amadino; however his productions were more wide-ranging. He did not publish many non-musical works. He was one of the first music publishers to publish a trade list, which frequently included prices. Vincenti used the moveable type technique of printing, however, his editions are not regarded as particularly beautiful, although they tend to be accurate.[1]

Vincenti published the works of most of the major north Italian composers, including:

As well as musical treatises by people such as:



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