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Giancarlo Pallavicini (Desio, February 12, 1931) is an economist, academic, manager, Italian writer and journalist, former adviser to the Soviet Government at the time of Gorbachev's Perestroika and member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, of which the Encyclopedia Treccani noted that in the 1950s anticipated the first concepts of "marketing" and, in 1960, the first foundations of corporate social responsibility, with the "Method of decomposition parameters".[1]


In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s was active in Banca Cariplo and as a university professor, writer and journalist of economics columnist for "The Sun", then "Il Sole 24 Ore", in 1980 he was appointed chief consultant to financial institutions and governments, organization of the United Nations and businesses, strategy and finance, in 1990 and 2000 he became president of academic science and international organizations of science and culture.

Soviet and Russian work[edit]

At the start of perestroika, at the invitation of the Soviet Government's attention turns to the Russian Giancarlo Pallavicini.

Adviser to the Government[edit]

In the mid-1980s the Soviet government appointed him the first Western consultant for Perestroika and then the Russian Federation appointed him to the State Committee for the reform of the economy, given its ability to combine economy and instances of man and his environment cultural, social and natural environment [1]. In this capacity opposes the issuance of an anti-monopoly law apply immediately and this weakens the position of Gorbachev urged to privatize by people and groups interested in an easy acquisition of the means of production and resources of the country, and will therefore affect the subsequent political developments, with Yeltsin that will prove to be less inclined to combine free market and social responsibility.

Academic of Sciences[edit]

For his contribution to the creation and activities of the "International Foundation Kondratiev" IKF-of which he is vice president since 1992 [3] and for studies conducted at the "Pitirim Sorokin-Nicolai Kondratieff International Institute" (USA-Russia [4]), as co-founder and member of the Scientific Committee, both active at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow-Ras, Giancarlo Pallavicini is the first Western scientist named Academic of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Rans, section " Prognosis and cycles of the economy "in 1998, and there Dec. 5, 2000, he was awarded the title of" Knight of science and art ", reserved for academics. This recognition follows also the role he plays in 1988 as vice president of the "Consortium Masterpieces of Art", established in Moscow and St. Petersburg, attended the Academy of Sciences and the University premises, which has also promoted and carried out the cataloging of the famous "Gallery Tretiacov" in Moscow, thanks to the contribution by Italy's "Olivetti SpA" [5].

Association Myr Culture[edit]

As part of Russian culture, with the Italian writers Alberto Moravia and Mario Rigoni Stern and the Russians Dmitry Lichačëv, Sergej Averincev, Nikolai Samvelian and Metropolitan Filaret, was among the founders of the International Association for Intellectual and Creative "Myr Culture "set up by Raisa Gorbaceva to bring together the intelligentsia of the Soviet Union, including marginalized by the regime, and later extended to Western European countries and the United States, of which he is president Giancarlo Pallavicini since 1992 [6]. 1.1.4. - On behalf of the Russian Government, in 1996, "Myr Culture" in the former Soviet intelligentsia meets the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow for a common confrontation with Prime Minister Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin, on "dominant culture in the world today: responsibility of a creative for the future of Russia ", which leads to some changes in the law. [7] 1".

"Manifesto of the Three"[edit]

With the academic Petersburg Dmitry Sergeyevich Lichačëv, at the time exponent of Russian culture, and the writer of Armenian origin Nicolai Samvelian is editor and signatory of the Manifesto of the Three, which is presented to the world press gathered at the Foro Italico in Rome, in ' during the visit of Gorbachev in Italy, as an instance of freedom and integration for the Soviet culture and the world, which are attributed to significant influences in subsequent cultural developments of the Soviet Union. [8] Since the start of the 2000s is delegated and responsible CIP - Committee an inter Italy / Russia "Rotary International", District 2040 [9].

Italian work[edit]

Prior to joining Russia Giancarlo Pallavicini is in charge of economy and finance, paying particular attention to the relational aspects of the economy with other disciplines regarding the man and his cultural environment, social and natural environment, which are the leitmotif of his work .

Encyclopedia Treccani: Method of decomposition of the parameters[edit]

In the Encyclopedia Treccani [10] Giancarlo Pallavicini appears as inventor, in 1960, of a method of calculating the results do not directly cost of business, the method of decomposition of the parameters, which anticipated the current developments of social responsibility business, as confirmed by several sources [11], whose concepts were then taken up and developed by Robert Edward Freeman in an essay of 1984. [12] I also worked as consultant to the Soviet government, later Russian, for perestroika, as well as academic science of the Russian Federation and member of international institutions of science and culture. Marketing and large scale distribution [edit]

Marketing, large-scale distribution and collective forms of guarantee[edit]

Giancarlo Pallavicini is credited with anticipation, in the 1950s, concepts of business address close to current Marketing Management, published in "Bank and market research" in the university magazine "Economy" [13] and then taken up and developed by Philip Kotler in his essay of 1967, [14] and definitions that he formulates in the 1960s for the Association of the large retail units, a text published in 1968, will be a reference for the national legislation and to address community [15]. 1.2.3. - Economics and Finance [edit] At the Research Department of "Cariplo" carries out research and case studies and then take care of organization and special credits, and finally direct the Marketing sector, which leaves the start in 1983 of the "Studio Pallavicini - research methods and" dedicated to the advanced management systems and consulting for strategy and finance. [16] Also assumes the post of secretary of the statutory bodies (Council, Committee and Assembly) of "Mediofactoring SpA", the Group Cariplo [17], and "CGM International SpA", trading Cariplo Bank, Generali Insurance and Transport MERZARIO. He continued his efforts in Italy of the Banque Cantonal Vaudoise of Lausanne and the Holding Norfinance of Lausanne / Geneva as Counsellor 'Administration "Norfinance Italy" in Milan, later renamed "Opera Sim", which also participates in "Invesco" [18] . In the early 1980s the world is on the board of the Italian banking '"Italian Association of World Trade", consisting of Confindustria, Confcommercio, ABI, ACRI. In the 1980s and until 1998 he is the founder and President of "Euroconsulting" Russian-Italian joint ventures in collaboration with a Prefecture Moscow for management training and development of small business, which is in Moscow business categories and export consortia Italian.

Economic and Financial Affairs[edit]

He was administrator of "Norfinance Italia", Milan, (Norfinance Holding, Lausanne; Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Losanne; Invesco, London), since 1994; Secretary general of Mediofactoring, Milan (Banca Cariplo), since 1983, and CGM International, Milan (Banca Cariplo, Generali Assicurazioni, Merzario, since 1983), Chairman Euroconsulting j.v., Moscow, since 1988; proprietor Firm Pallavicini, Research and Methods, Desio (Milan), since 2000.[2]

Academic activities[edit]

In the academic environment, with Luigi Riva Guatri and Enzio Cortese Palaces, in the 1960s is the creator and inventor of the "Pralt" - Research organization between Università Bocconi and the "Research and Documentation Centre of the European Communities" - and over the years 1970 with the same Guatri and Aldo Spranzi, participates in the creation of the "CESCOM", Centre for Studies on trade Bocconi University, and is coordinator of research conducted by the University Bocconi with the Catholic University of Milan, commissioned by the Entity Regione Lombardia [19]. In December 1976, the Executive Committee of the "SDA Bocconi School of Management, appointed him professor of" Economics of commercial distribution "Master of the program. [20] In the 1980s, at the dawn of perestroika, at the" CREATE "- Center for Economic Company Bocconi University, for which care start-up and heads the Section for the economy of the cultural heritage and the environment [21], presents Abel Aganbegyan, Russian academician, architect of perestroika and author of the book "Perestroika in ' economy "published by Rizzoli. Hereinafter collaborates startup initiatives in Russia at SDA Bocconi School of Management, the School of Managements of St. Petersburg and Moscow for university courses. [22] In 1970 and 1980 he participated in Commissions government [23], even as a member of the "Conference of European Rectors' [24], and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributes to the drafting of the" Memorandum of Understanding Cultural Italy / USSR ".

Kondratiev waves, corporate social responsibility and globalization[edit]

Giancarlo Pallavicini, as part of the scientific committees of organizations of studies and research in Italy and abroad in which it participates [25], is still committed to deepening understanding of the long cycles of the economy-"Kondratiev waves", the new models for the evaluation of "corporate social responsibility" and the "globalization" of the economy and finance, for which an original formula and appreciated definition [26] and on which, in the 1990s and 2000s, was the speaker in different areas , including Havana, Vatican City, Moscow / St Petersburg and Jakarta, proposing the method of decomposition of the parameters and, in the 1st quarter 2009, in Frankfurt, Milan, Brescia, Rovigo and Lonato sul Garda. [ 27]. It is a scholar of the Economy of Communion of the Focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich, which is advocate and adviser.

See also[edit]

Method of decomposition of parameters, such as its creator in the sixties Corporate social responsibility, for the concepts advanced by the aforementioned method Robert Edward Freeman, for the recovery and development of the concepts above Perestroika, for his role as advisor to the Soviet and Russian governments Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet government for advice for Perestroika Leonid Abalkin, Perestroika and for collaboration on the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences Globalization, for the definition and studies presented to the Vatican, in Moscow, Cuba, Frankfurt, Milan and Brescia Myr Culture, for his role as co-founder and president since 1992 Kondratiev waves, for the studies at the International Foundation Kondratiev-Mosca/Leningrado International Foundation Kondratiev, as co-founder and vice president Pitirim Sorokin-Nicolai Kondratieff International Institute, as co-founder and member of the Scientific Committee Yourii Yacovets, for his cooperation in the section "Prognosis and Cycles" Academy RANS, and the IKF-Pitirim Sorokin Nikolai Kondratieff International Institute Valentina Bondarenko, collaboration as Director dell'IKF and Pitirim Sorokin-Nikolai Kondratieff International Institute Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, for the studies and activities svoltavi Supermarket chains, for the original definitions and roles Desio and recalls in his voice, his hometown Economy, for the concept of economy attentive to relational aspects Marketing, for the anticipation in "The Economy", 1959 of the concepts of marketing management Philip Kotler, for the development of the concepts above Academy of Mediterranean Studies, for his role in the Scientific Committee Micah Studies Center, for his role in the Scientific Committee Dmitry Likhachev, for the "Manifesto of the three" and the Co-Presidency "Myr Culture" Nicolaj Sanvelian, for the "Manifesto of the three" and the co-founding of "Culture Myr" Fazil Iskander, for the Co-Presidency "Myr Culture" Sergei Averintzev, for the common role in "Myr Culture" Focolare Movement, for the sharing of spirituality Economy of Communion for study and dissemination Chiara Lubich, for epistolary contacts with the founder of the Focolare Movement and creator of the Economy of Communion External links [edit] Pallavicini, Giancarlo Universal Biographical Encyclopedia, 2007 edition, vol. 14, Institute of the Italian Treccani Biographies Portal Portal Economics Literature Portal Categories: Economists italianiAccademici italianiScrittori secoloScrittori Italian Italian twentieth of the twenty-secoloNati in 1931Nati 12 febbraioNati to DesioGiornalisti Italian twentieth secoloDirigenti business italianiAccademici Russian | [other]


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Honours and awards[edit]

  • Diploma Reason, Value, Honor by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), Moscow, 2000
  • Order of Knight of the Sciences and Arts, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), Resolution number 129 of the Presidium, Moscow, 5 December 2000
  • Gold Medal by International N.D. Kondratiev Foundation, 1998
  • Gold Medal dy Ordine dei Giornalisti della Lombardia, 2015.
  • Special Mention "Rosa Camuna 2018" by Government of the Lombardy Region.

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