Gianfranco Goria

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Gianfranco Goria by Gianfranco Goria with his comic art library

Gianfranco Goria is an Italian cartoonist, script-writer, Disney creator and journalist. He founded the Italian cartoonists society Anonima Fumetti, the daily news service afNews, the Foundation and Museum of Comic Art Franco Fossati, and the National Union of Comic Artists Sindacato italiano lavoratori fumetto. He is the editor of the Italian editions of important essays about comic art by Scott McCloud, Will Eisner and Benoit Peeters. Goria is also a teacher of Graphic Literature and lecturer, specialized in the works of Hergé (he was also in charge of the philological supervision of the new Italian edition of The Adventures of Tintin for Rizzoli Lizard) and Edgar Pierre Jacobs (Blake and Mortimer). Among his Disney stories, the special homage to Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

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