Gianni A. Sarcone

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Gianni A. Sarcone
Born (1962-03-20) 20 March 1962 (age 61)
Vevey, Switzerland
Other namesGiovanni Sarcone
Occupation(s)Visual artist and writer
Known forOp art, optical illusions, visual creativity, and recreational mathematics

Gianni A. Sarcone (born March 20, 1962) is a visual artist and author who collaborates with educational publications, writing articles and columns on topics related to art, science, and mathematics education. He has contributed to several science magazines, including Focus Junior[1] (Italy), Query-CICAP (Italy), Rivista Magia (Italy), Alice & Bob / Bocconi University (Italy), Brain Games (USA), and Tangente[2] (France). Sarcone has over 30 years of experience as a designer and researcher in the areas of visual creativity, recreational mathematics and educational games.

Visual research[edit]

Here are two relative size illusions described by Italian visual researcher Gianni A. Sarcone in 1997 and 2013. The first relative-size illusion called Sarcone's Crosses contradicts Ebbinghaus illusion (aka Titchener Circles, 1898) and Obonai square illusion (1954). Sarcone's cross illusion consists of a cross (the test shape) surrounded by sets of squares of distinct size (the inducing shapes). As shown in the diagram, the three blue crosses in fig. 1.a, 1.b and 1.c are exactly the same size; the one on the left (fig. 1.a), however, appears larger. The illusion works even when the small squares completely occlude the blue cross (see fig. 1.c). In conclusion, there isn't always correlation between the size of the surrounding shapes and the relative size perception of the test shape. In fig. 2.a and 2.b, by effect of assimilation, the diagonal red line within the large ellipse seems subjectively longer, but in fact the blue line is objectively the longest of both lines.[3]

Considered a leading authority on visual perception by academic institutions, Sarcone was invited to serve as a juror[4] at the Third Annual "Best Illusion of the Year Contest" held in Sarasota, Florida (USA). His optical illusion projects 'Mask of Love'[5] and 'Autokinetic Illusion'[6] were named among the top 10 best optical illusions in the 2011 and 2014 "Best Illusion of the Year Contests", respectively. In 2017, he placed third in the contest for his ‘Dynamic Müller-Lyer Illusion’. [7]

Amongst other notable projects, he created and designed an “hypnoptical”[8] visual illusion that was used in the logo and institutional signage of the 2014 Grec Festival of Barcelona,[9] a significant cultural event featuring avant-garde musical, dance, and theater performances.

On October 16, 2021, for the International Observe the Moon Night, his joint work “Moona Lisa” has been selected as Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)[10] by the NASA.

Honors and awards[edit]

Award Organization Year Result
Best Illusion of the Year 2011 Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2011 Top Ten Finalist[11]
Best Illusion of the Year 2014 Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2014 Top Ten Finalist[12]
Best Illusion of the Year 2017 Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2017 Won[13]
Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2018 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books 2018 Won[14]
Best Illusion of the Year 2019 Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2019 Top Ten Finalist[15]

Educational project[edit]

G. Sarcone has authored and published numerous educational textbooks and illustrated books[16] in English, French and Italian on brain training and the mechanism of vision. He is the founder of[17] a consulting network of experts specializing in improving and enhancing creativity - for which he has been commended with a long list of accolades and awards, including the 2003 Scientific American Sci/Tech Web Award[18] in Mathematics and received recognition[19] in the US from: CNN Headline News, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and[20]

Media and broadcasting[edit]

Some of Sarcone's artworks such as The Other Face of Paris[21] or Flashing Star[22] have gone viral on the Internet. His works were also presented in several national and international television programs, including 'Rai 3' Italy, 'RTL 9 Channel' France, 'TSR 1 Channel' Switzerland, and in the following TV series:

  • ‘Nippon Television Network’ / NTV (Japan): "Fukashigi"; Japanese: 不可思議探偵団 (2012).
  • ‘National Geographic Television’[23] (US): "Brain Games Science" (2014).
  • ‘Beyond Production’ PTY LTD (Australia): "Wild But True" – Season 1 (2014).
  • "Masahiro Nakai’s Useful Library"[24] show, a widely followed Japanese TV program (June, 2015).

Selected works[edit]


Recent published works (2014-20)[edit]

G. Sarcone is the author (and co-author) of the following books:

  • Fantastic Optical Illusions: More Than 150 Deceptive Images and Visual Tricks, Carlton, UK, 2020, ISBN 178739235X.
  • Ultimate Eye Twisters, Carlton, UK, 2019, ISBN 1783124482.
  • Amazing Optical Illusions, Carlton, UK, 2018, ISBN 1787391639.
  • Optical Illusions, QED Publishing, UK, 2017, ISBN 1784938475.
  • You Can't Possibly Color This!, Moondance Press, US, 2017, ISBN 1633223515.
  • How to draw incredible optical illusions, Imagine Publishing, US, 2015, ISBN 1623540607.
  • Xtreme Illusions 2, National Geographic Kids, US, 2015, ISBN 978-1-4263-1974-7
  • Super Optical Illusions, Carlton Kids, UK, 2014, ISBN 1783120851
  • Hidden Picture Puzzles, Imagine Publishing, US, 2014, ISBN 1623540380
  • Optical Illusions: An Eye-Popping Extravaganza of Visual Tricks, Dover Publications, US, 2014, ISBN 0486493547
  • Impossible Colouring Book: Can You Colour These Amazing Visual Illusions?, Arcturus Publishing, UK, 2014, ISBN 178212182X
  • Make Your Own 3D Illusions - 3D illusions pack: All You Need to Build 50 Great Illusions, Carlton Books, UK, 2014, ISBN 1780974817
  • Impossible Folding Puzzles and Other Mathematical Paradoxes, Dover Publications, US, 2014, ISBN 0486493512

Non-fiction books in other languages[edit]

  • Les millors il·lusions òptiques, Editorial Brúixola, Spain, 2020, ISBN 8499062962
  • Las mejores ilusiones ópticas, Editorial Bruño, Spain, 2020, ISBN 846962721X
  • Optične iluzije, Tehniška Založba Slovenije D.d., Slovenia, 2019, ISBN 9789612514464
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Personal life[edit]

Sarcone has practiced and continues to practice various Martial arts and Combat sports, including Yoseikan budō, Kickboxing, Jujutsu), and holds a black belt in Taekwondo.[25]


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