Gilda Mignonette

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Griselda Andreatini, better known by the stage name Gilda Mignonette (28 October 1890 in Naples – 8 June 1953), was a Neapolitan singer of international fame in the early 20th Century.

She began her career as a singer in theatrical revue shows, where she became a popular "sciantosa" (i.e., a diva), but later dedicated herself mostly to the canzone napoletana genre, recording with major labels such as Columbia and HMV, and touring intensively abroad.

In the mid-1920s, she moved to New York, where she reached the apex of her international popularity with Neapolitan classics such as A cartulina 'e Napule ("Postcard from Naples") or E l'emigrante chiagne ("And the emigrant cries").

In the early 1950s, she suffered severe health problems; having expressed the desire to die in her hometown in Naples, she actually died during the traversal by boat, off the Algerian coast.