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Gilgamesh Brewing is a brewery in Salem, Oregon.[1] It was established in 2009 and is family owned. Gilgamesh beers are distributed primarily in and around Salem. [2] [3]

Gilgamesh Brewing Outdoor Lounge


Gilgamesh Brewing was founded by Lee Radtke and his three sons Mike, Nick, and Matt. The family has lived in the area since the 1970s and were home brewing aficionados for years before they decided to set up Gilgamesh Brewing, LLC. The business started in Turner, Oregon before expanding into downtown Salem.

Gilgamesh beers were available at the Winter Ale House at the Reed Opera House and the initial brewery location was at 210 Liberty Street SE, Suite 150, Salem, Oregon. In late 2012 the brewery relocated to a new location on Madrona Avenue. [2] [3] [4]

The name of the company comes from the Epic of Gilgamesh, often cited as an early source for beer brewing and use.

The brewery lounge and campus are both located at 2065 Madrona Ave SE. This new location has 18,000 sq. ft. of space and features a restaurant/pub. [3] [4][5]

The intersection of Madrona Ave SE. and Fairview Industrial Drive SE. where Gilgamesh Brewery Campus is located.
The interior of the Gilgamesh Brewing Lounge


Many Salem bars serve kegs of various Gilgamesh beers on tap. Gilgamesh offers two different sizes of refillable bottles that can be filled on each visit for a flat rate. Gilgamesh sells refillable growler type beer bottles.

List beers/styles[edit]

Standard offerings include: [6]

Beer Name ABV IBU Description
Mamba 6.7% 0 A malt beverage defined by a black tea, bergamot, tangerine peel, and rye.
Filbert Lager 5.5% 17 A pilsner-style larger brewed with a light hop profile and Oregon hazelnuts mashed in with the grain.
DJ Jazzy Heff 5.4% 9 A light-bodied, American-style hefeweizen with a late jasmine addition. This beer has a notable floral aroma.
Pumphouse Copper 4.5% 43 A light ale crafted between an amber ale and a pale ale. This hybrid beer has a light body with a hoppy flavor.
Hopscotch Ale 8.0% 16 A hop-backed Strong (Scotch) Ale. This Scottish-influenced, malt beer has caramel notes and a mild, citrus finish.
Vader Coffee CDA 7.5% 75 A black IPA aged with lightly roasted coffee beans from local roasters, The Governor's Cup. Dark, tawny malts and gradient hop flavors.


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