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Gilles Grelet (French: [gʁəlɛ]) is a French theorist and former student of the French philosopher François Laruelle. He is the author of books and pamphlets which develop the main tenets of Laruellean non-philosophy.


Grelet's theory of rebellion draws most conspicuously on the work of Guy Lardreau and Christian Jambet, whose 1976 jointly authored book L'Ange[1] marries Lacanian psychoanalysis and Maoism.

Aside from his published writings, Grelet has collaborated with French underground filmmakers Dojo Cinéma.[2]

He as co-founded, with François Laruelle and Ray Brassier a book collection, "we, ones without philosophy" (Nous, les sans philosophie)[3], published by L'Harmattan, where are edited the key authors whose thought takes place near Laruelle's non-standard matrix of theory (Jacques Fradin, Hugues Choplin, Patrick Fontaine, Patrice Guillamaud...)


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