Gilles de la Pommeraie

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Pommeraie's coat of arms : de gueules à 3 grenades d'or

Gilles de la Pommeraie, French diplomat and Baron d'Entrammes.


He is a member of Pommeraie family, from Britanny and serves Laval Family, and possessed land of Verger Castle of Montigné and d'Entrammes (Mayenne).

Son of François de la Pommeraie, Gilles was king's maître d', charged of important missions by Francis I, and was involved in arrangements for the"Field of Cloth of Gold", was ambassador in Venice, and was president of the "Dukes Chamber" in Britanny. He was briefly French ambassador to England, where he professed his great admiration for the French-educated queen, Anne Boleyn.

Husband to Jeanne Le Jeune, he obtained from Lord Jarzey the Castle of Entrammes (Mayenne)[1] where he created two fairs and one market.


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