Giovanni Antonio da Brescia

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Two Ornamental Panels, after a design by Giovanni Antonio da Brescia, engraved by Daniel Hopfer

Giovanni Antonio da Brescia was an Italian painter and engraver of northern Italy, active at the end of the 15th and beginning of 16th centuries, during the Renaissance period.

He and is said to have been a brother of Giovanni Maria da Brescia. It is probable that he learned engraving in the school of Andrea Mantegna. He engraved thirty-seven plates, among them:

  • Virgin suckling infant Jesus.
  • Virgin adoring the Infant, St. Joseph sleeping.
  • The Flagellation of Christ 1503 and 1509.
  • Hercules and Antaeus.
  • Hercules strangling the Lion 1507.
  • A white horse.
  • A naked Woman and Child, with a Satyr playing on a Victorious Augusta.
  • A Holy Family, with S.S. Elisabeth and John after Albrecht Dürer, 1505.
  • A grotesque; below, a Satyr and a Woman.
  • An Entombment after Raphael.
  • Mary with Saints after Mantegna.