Giovanni Clericato

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Giovanni Clericato[1] (1633, at Padua – 1717) was an Italian canon lawyer.


The patronage of a pious woman made it possible for him to study. As a priest, he came to be considered one of the ablest men of his time in matters of ecclesiastical jurisprudence. Cardinal Barbarigo, whose life he afterwards wrote, made him Vicar-General of the Diocese of Padua.


He wrote many works on civil and canon law; his "Decisiones Sacramentales" was published in 1727, and in 1757 in three volumes, and was praised by Pope Benedict XIV (notific. 32, n. 6).


  1. ^ He was of English descent, and the name is variously written Clericatus, Chericato, Chericati, and Chiericato, probably from Clark, the original family name.