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Country Club Plaza, KC MO - Giralda Tower.JPG

The Giralda is the name of a landmark in Kansas City, Missouri. It stands 138 feet (42 m) tall at the corner of West 47th Street and J.C. Nichols Parkway.[1]

When urban developer J.C. Nichols visited Seville, Spain in the 1920s, he was so impressed with the 12th-century Moorish tower of Giralda that he built a half-scale replica in the Country Club Plaza. The tower was officially christened by then-Seville mayor Felix Morena de la Cova, along with an official delegate[2] in 1967,[3] the same year in which the both cities became sister cities. The original Giralda tower was the minaret of the 12th century Muslim mosque; a Christian belfry was added in 1568.


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Coordinates: 39°02′31″N 94°35′18″W / 39.04204°N 94.58836°W / 39.04204; -94.58836