Girolamo da Ponte

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The Entry of Animals into Noah's Ark by Geralamo Bassano

Girolamo da Ponte also known as Gerolamo Bassano (3 June 1566 – 8 Nov 1621)[1] was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period.

Born at Bassano del Grappa 3 June 1566, he was the youngest son of painter Jacopo da Bassano. He also copied his father's pictures, and like his brother Giambattista, must take his share in the prolific number of canvases attributed to Jacopo Bassano. He painted an Apparition of the Virgin to St. Barbara in Bassano. He also collaborated with his brother Leandro Bassano, including portraits of Sagredo.[2]

He died in Venice on 8 Nov 1621.[1]


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