Girolamo dai Libri

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Girolamo dai Libri (1474/1475 – July 2, 1555) was an Italian illuminator of manuscripts and painter of altarpieces, working in an early-Renaissance style.

God the Father with His Right Hand Raised in Blessing (drawing by Girolamo dai Libri)
Our Lady enthroned between St. Thomas and St. Augustine", Sant'Anastasia (Verona)

He was born and mainly active in Verona. His father was Francesco dai Libri, and was so named because he was an illuminator of books. Girolamo's works were noted by Giorgio Vasari. Girolamo was a pupil of Domenico Morone.[1] Dai Libri painted his first altarpiece, a Deposition from the Cross for Santa Maria in Organo in Verona, at the age of sixteen.


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