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Roman bronze of Jupiter Stator found at the site (Évreux museum)

Gisacum was a Gallo-Roman religious sanctuary near the settlement of Mediolanum Aulercorum (Évreux) in the territory of the Eburovices[1] in northern Gaul (now Normandy). The site lies within the territory of the commune of Le Vieil-Évreux ("Old Évreux").

In the 1st century CE a vast sanctuary was laid out, about 6 km southeast of Mediolanum Aulercorum, on an all-but-unique plan: monumental public structures isolated at the center were surrounded by a vast empty space, with the urban habitations around a hexagonal periphery, 5.6 km in circumference, enclosing an area of some 2.5 km².

Gisacum has been excavated with increasing care since the early 19th century. The recent campaigns began in 1996.


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Coordinates: 49°00′03″N 1°13′48″E / 49.00083°N 1.23000°E / 49.00083; 1.23000