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Tractate of the Talmud
English:Divorce document
Number of Mishnahs:57
Babylonian Talmud pages:90
Jerusalem Talmud pages:54
Tosefta chapters:7
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Gittin (Hebrew: גיטין) is a tractate of the Mishnah and the Talmud, and is part of the order of Nashim. The content of the tractate primarily deals with the legal provisions related to halakhic divorce, in particular, the laws relating to the Get (divorce document),[1] although the tractate contains a number of other social provisions which are only vaguely related to that subject. The tractate also contains numerous historical references relating to the time of the Jewish-Roman wars-Roman war and the destruction of the Temple as well as the Jewish uprising.[2] The laws of the divorce itself, including when a divorce is permitted or even required, are discussed in other tractates, namely Ketubot.[3]

The word get (Hebrew: גט) is thought to be an Akkadian word and generally refers to a written document.[4]

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