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Giuseppe Valentini (July 1900 - 16 November 1979) (known in Albanian as Zef Valentini) was an Italian albanologist of the 20th century.


Giuseppe Valentini was born in 1900 in Padova where he studied theology as a Jesuit priest. In 1922 he moved to Albania as a missionary and actively participated in magazines such as Lajmetari i Zemres s'Jezu Krishtit, and Leka, which he directed since 1932. During World War II he became a professor of the Albanian language in the University of Palermo.[1]

Valentini is the author of several important works on Albanian history, law, numismatics, and sacred art.[1]

In 1940 Valentini was one of the founders and general secretary of the Royal Institute of the Albanian Studies, the predecessor institute of the Academy of Sciences of Albania.[2]


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