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Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH
OwnerSwatch Group

Glashütte Original is a prestigious German watchmaker founded in 1994 by the privatization of VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB),[1] an East German conglomerate formed in 1951 from the watch companies based in Glashütte. Glashütte Original uses its own movements, and has 10 proprietary movement innovations. Glashütte Original is currently owned by The Swatch Group.[2]

Pre-1994 GUB spezimatic
The Senator Sixties model


Glashütte is the German town where the watch factory is based. It is pronounced [ˈɡlaːs.hʏtə]. By German orthographic convention, this would be written Glashuette if an umlaut ü is not available, but it often appears internationally as Glashutte.

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