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Glen Croe, viewed from Rest and Be Thankful
Engraving of the cavern in Glen Croe Plate from Scotia Depicta by James Fittler

Glen Croe (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann a' Chrò) is a glen in the heart of the Arrochar Alps, in Argyll, Scotland. The glen is surrounded by large and rugged mountains characterised by huge boulders.


Glen Croe is located to the north west of Loch Lomond and Loch Long, draining into the latter. At the head of the glen is the pass leading to Glen Kinglas. The A83 road runs the length of the glen, passing the viewpoint known as Rest & Be Thankful. Glen Croe is situated entirely within the Argyll Forest Park. The mountains on either side are:

Steep wooded slopes of Glen Croe.


The old road through the glen seen in the photograph is part of the military road that ran from Dumbarton to Inveraray. This was built in the 1740s under the supervision of Major William Caulfeild. A stone inscribed Rest & Be Thankful was erected around 1749, after this section of road was completed.

From 1949 until 1970, motor racing events, including hill climbs and rally stages took place here.[1]

Gilleasbaig Mac an t-Saoir composed a song called 'Oran Ghlinne Chro', detailing the sadness he felt when the gamekeeper moved his flock out of the glen to make room for deer and sport hunting in 1914.

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