Glen Dyberry Cemetery

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Glen Dyberry Cemetery
LocationHonesdale, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Coordinates41°34′55″N 75°15′25″W / 41.582°N 75.257°W / 41.582; -75.257Coordinates: 41°34′55″N 75°15′25″W / 41.582°N 75.257°W / 41.582; -75.257
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Glen Dyberry Cemetery is located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.


The cemetery, enclosed by a wall, is reached by crossing a bridge over the Dyberry Creek, which separated the town from the cemetery.[1] Buildings in the cemetery include a mausoleum built in 1891 and a superintendent's house.[2]

Glen Dyberry Cemetery South


The Honesdale Cemetery Company was incorporated by prominent Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. officials from an act dated January 26, 1854. Mr. and Mrs. John Torrey sold 18 acres near Dyberry Creek for $2,000 in 1859 for the cemetery and 49 lots were sold during the first sale. Roads named Central Avenue, Hillside, Willow, and Winding Way were laid out within the cemetery.[2] It opened on November 25, 1859.[1]

Members of prominent families—Appley, Dimmick, Greene, Lord, Searle, Torrey, and Young—are buried at Glen Dyberry. About 4,000 people were buried in the cemetery as of 1947.[2] Soldiers who fought in the War of 1812 and the American Civil War are buried there.[1]

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