Glen Eden Intermediate School

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Glen Eden Intermediate School
Kaurilands Road,
New Zealand
Coordinates 36°55′27″S 174°39′09″E / 36.9241°S 174.6526°E / -36.9241; 174.6526Coordinates: 36°55′27″S 174°39′09″E / 36.9241°S 174.6526°E / -36.9241; 174.6526
Type State, Co-educational, Intermediate Years 7-8
Motto To Thine Own Self Be True
Established 1961
Ministry of Education Institution no. 1284
Principal Maree Stavert[1]
School roll 1046[2] (February 2017)
Socio-economic decile 8

Glen Eden Intermediate School is a state Co-Educational Intermediate school located just north of Titirangi in the small suburb of Kaurilands in Auckland, New Zealand. The school roll fluctuates around 1050 students. Evidently the school is an attractive choice for year 7-8 students as the school has implemented a zoning system. In-zone suburbs include Titirangi, Laingholm, most of Glen Eden and nearby Konini and Kaurilands.

The school was divided into 8 syndicates, all named after New Zealand trees, each with four classrooms (except the "Manuka" syndicate which held five). In 2010, G.E.I.S. replaced the syndicates with four "mini-schools": Te Henga, Karekare, Muriwai and Piha. All are named after the West Coast beaches and have 8 classes. All four mini-schools have one enhanced learning class; four year seven classes and four year eight classes. The school now separates year 7s and 8s, although in 2009 they had composite classes.

In the mid 1990s, the school built a technology block which now teaches one mini-school everyday and has eight classes: Food technology, Design technology, Sound arts, Dramatic arts, Visual art, Hard materials, Textiles technology, and Video production. The video production room is also the headquarters of "Cactus", the school's daily TV show which only broadcasts throughout the school. The school also has a Radio Station; T.N.T (Totally Not Television).

In late 2004-2005, the school added an auditorium which was later merged with the administration block, this is now an outstanding figure at the front of the school and covers almost as much area as their gym which they have become well known for.

The uniform consists of green culottes for girls and bottle green shorts for boys. Boys and girls must wear white polo shirts. It is optional to wear a black polar fleece and/or bottle green jacket. All students must wear a green p.e shirt and black p.e. shorts for fitness, which happens daily, with the exception of Mondays and bad weather.

All classes have a class councilor and vice class councilor, who are required to attend the weekly school council meetings.

Each year the school holds a cross country day, athletics day, and a swimming sports day. Which are all separated between year 7's and 8's

The school has 34 classrooms 1-8 in Karekare, 9-16 in Piha, 17-25 in Te Henga and 26-34 in Muriwai.

The school is working on providing a "modern learning environment" which would include moderised class rooms, iPads in every class, and a colourful atmosphere to encourage learning.

The school fitness program consists of Road run which is a run around the school, aerobics which is dancing, The Turf which is working out and doing laps of the Turf and Back Courts which is a range and depends on what the decision of the teachers in each individual mini-school.


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