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Glenda Collins (born 16 December 1943) is a former British pop music singer active in the 1960s.[1]

Recording Career[edit]

Collins was discovered by Carroll Levis, whose promotion landed her a contract with Decca Records.[2] She released three singles through Decca which failed to chart and was dropped by the label.

Her manager father then recorded some demos with her and introduced her to independent record producer Joe Meek,[3] who took her on. Meek featured house bands The Tornados and also The Outlaws featuring the guitarist Ritchie Blackmore on some of her tracks.[2]

She released a total of eight singles with Meek, released through the HMV Pop and Pye labels, none of which appeared in the UK Singles Chart. After Meek's suicide in 1967 she recorded sporadically, but his death had effectively put paid to her career; and she retired at the end of the 1960s after a few years on the cabaret circuit.

Collins came out of retirement briefly in 1999 to record a cover version of Avenues and Alleyways (The Protectors theme) with record producer Russell C. Brennan (aka Russell C. Writer), which featured on the compilation album, Cult Themes from the 70's, Vol. 2, on Future Legend Records. Her agents were keen to organise a tour.

A 2006 compilation titled This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' contained her complete surviving recorded output.



  1. "Crazy Guy" / "Take A Chance" (Decca F11280, 1960)
  2. "Oh How I Miss You Tonight" / "Age for Love" (Decca F11321, 1961)
  3. "Head Over Heels In Love" / "Find Another Fool" (Decca F11417, 1961)
  4. "I Lost My Heart at The Fairground" / "I Feel So Good" (HMV POP1163, 1963)
  5. "If You've Got to Pick A Baby" / "In The First Place" (HMV POP1233, 1963)
  6. "Baby It Hurts" / "Nice Wasn't It" (HMV POP1283, 1964)
  7. "Lollipop" / "Everybody's Got to Fall in Love" (HMV POP1323, 1964)
  8. "Johnny Loves Me" / "Paradise For Two" (HMV POP1439, 1965)
  9. "Thou Shalt Not Steal" / "Been Invited to A Party" (HMV POP1475, 1965)
  10. "Something I've Got To Tell You" / "My Heart Didn't Lie" (Pye 7N17044, 1966)
  11. "It's Hard to Believe It" / "Don't Let It Rain on Sunday" (Pye 7N17150, 1966)

Compilation albums[edit]


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