Kamran Elahian

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Kamran Elahian
کامران الهیان
Kamran Elahian.jpg
NationalityIranian American
Spouse(s)Zohre Elahian

Kamran Elahian (Persian: کامران الهیان‎) is an Iranian-American entrepreneur who is the chairman and co-founder of Global Catalyst Partners, an international, multistage, technology-oriented venture capital firm. GCP has invested in leading-edge technology companies in the U.S., China, Japan and Israel. Kamran serves on the boards of Actelis Networks, Beceem Communications, iKoa and SoundHound.[1]


Global Catalyst Partners[edit]

Kamran co-founded 10 companies: CAE Systems (’81) acquired by Tektronix for $75M; Cirrus Logic (’84) IPO at $150M valuation/achieved market cap of over $3.5B; Momenta (’89) failed; NeoMagic (’93) IPO at $300M valuation/achieved market cap of over $600M; finally sold for less than $50m after investing hundreds of million in the company, PlanetWeb (’96) acquired by MTI in 2009 for less than $10m; Centillium Communications (’97) IPO at $700M valuation/achieved market cap of over $4B, sold for less than $15m; Actelis Networks (’99) a broadband communications systems company; Informative (’99) failed; Entropia (’99) failed; Gre field Networks (’01) - failed in 2006.


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