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Global Custodian
Editor-in-Chief Dominic Hobson
Categories Trade journal
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation 20000-30000 (2005)
Publisher Asset International
Year founded 1989
Company Asset International
Country United States, United Kingdom
Language English
ISSN 1047-8736

The Global Custodian is a trade publication covering the international securities services industry. refers to the website of Global Custodian magazine, which provides daily news and events coverage of the securities services industry, particularly custodian banks, but also including fund administration, securities financing/lending, private equity, derivatives and other related topics.

Published six times per year, Global Custodian magazine provides analysis and commentary on the latest news and events taking place in the international securities industry. The magazine is defined by a series of annual surveys that have become benchmarks for the industry. The magazine is the sister publication of PLANSPONSOR, planadvisor, aiTrade, and aiCIO.


Founded in 1989 by Dominic Hobson and Charles Ruffel, the original focus of the magazine was on securities processing operations: articles that explore how shares trade and settle and are held. Its editorial scope has since expanded to include fund administration, securities lending and financing, prime brokerage and the infrastructure of the global securities industry (Central Securities Depositories or CSDs, International Central Securities Depositories or ICSDs, payments systems and other industry bodies and initiatives). The editorial content of the magazine is now also supported by industry-standard surveys that address how the performance of custodian banks, fund administrators, prime brokers and tri-party securities financing providers compare with each other and within individual markets.

In 2001 Thomas Murray, the custody fees, ratings and research group and Global Custodian agreed to work together with the aim of creating the most comprehensive and robust analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of custodian banks globally. The goal was to combine the research-based analyses, owned by Thomas Murray, of major custodial providers and CSDs, with the pre-eminent[peacock term] surveys of custodian bank client perceptions owned by the Global Custodian.

The Global Custodian was one of the first publications covering the financial services industry to launch a video news platform, called GCTV. Since 2007, GCTV has released numerous documentaries about the securities services industry in addition to its regular online news coverage.


Every issue of the Global Custodian magazine contains one to three annual survey reports, which rate financial institutions in various sectors of the securities services industry. Individual surveys include:

  • Agent Banks in Emerging Markets
  • Global Custody
  • Private Equity Fund Administration
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Tri-Party Securities Financing
  • Mutual Fund Administration
  • Hedge Fund Administration
  • Agent Banks in Major Markets

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