Glory of the 80's

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"Glory of the 80's"
Tori Amos Glory of the 80s.jpg
Standard artwork for international releases
Single by Tori Amos
from the album To Venus and Back
Released October 11, 1999 [Aus]
November 1, 1999 [UK]
November 1, 1999 [EU]
Recorded April 1999
Genre Alternative rock, electronic
Length 4:01
Label Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Tori Amos
Producer(s) Tori Amos
Tori Amos singles chronology
"1000 Oceans"
"Glory of the 80's"
"1000 Oceans"
"Glory of the 80's"

"Glory of the 80's" is a song by American singer-songwriter Tori Amos. It is the fourth track on Amos' 1999 album To Venus and Back. The song reached #46 on the UK singles chart, having the lowest debut since her 1994 single God when both parts of the single were recalled early for a misprint in the credits.[1] Both parts of the single were released in Australia on October 11, 1999, and released a month later in Europe and the UK on November 1, 1999.


"Glory of the 80's" is an electronically driven song with a dark, club-like atmosphere. The song also marks the final appearance of the harpsichord in Amos' work until her 2009 holiday album Midwinter Graces.

According to Amos, the song was written about the honesty of that decade, compared to the more conservative 1990s of censorship and political correctness.

Tori on the inspiration of the song:

Music video[edit]

A still from the video "Glory of the 80's"

The video for "Glory of the 80's" was directed by Erick Ifergan and shot in September 1999 in Los Angeles at Universal Studios and later aired on MTV Europe.[3]

The video features Amos in Goth attire and make-up, trapped in a cubical torture chamber, with heavy cable bars fastened on her dress to the frame of the cage. Throughout the video, a shuriken is seen randomly but consistently flying around, slashing the cables, eventually freeing Amos from her prison. She is also seen sprouting black wings, and shape-shifting into various forms, including a raven.

Track listing[edit]

Two versions of the single were issued containing different live tracks. UK copies of the second disc mistakenly contained the same music as the first, rather than the tracks listed on their packaging and labels.

Part 1 Single

  1. Glory of the 80's (4:01)
  2. Famous Blue Raincoat (Live) (5:24)
  3. Twinkle (Live) (2:48)

Part 2 Single

  1. Glory of the 80's (4:01)
  2. Baker Baker (Live) (3:53)
  3. Winter (Live) (7:01)


Chart (1999) Position
U.K. Singles Chart 46
Australian Singles Chart 81


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