Gnip Gnop

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Gnip Gnop
Publisher(s)Parker Brothers 1971-, Fundex Games 2005-
Playing time10 minutes

Gnip Gnop (pronounced with hard Gs) is a two-player table-top game consisting of a two-sided plastic game unit and six plastic balls. Each side has three levers in it, and between the two sides is a plastic barrier with three holes in it slightly larger than the balls. The game begins with three balls on each side. The object of the game is to press the levers to shoot the balls through the holes to the other side; the player who gets all six balls to the other side wins. The game is enclosed in clear plastic to keep the balls from flying out.

Gnip Gnop was designed by Marvin Glass and Associates for Parker Brothers.[1] It was originally released in 1971.[2] Fundex Games later produced a slightly modified version of the game.[3][4]

The name is the backward spelling of "Ping-Pong", the common name for table tennis.


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