God's Sentence

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God's Sentence
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Jose Mojica Marins
Produced by Augusto Pereira
Written by José Mojica Marins
Starring José Mojica Marins
Aldenoura de Sá Porto
Conchita Espanhol
Music by João da Silva
Cinematography Honorio Marin
Edited by Luiz Elias
Apolo Filmes
Country Brazil
Language Portuguese

God's Sentence (Portuguese: Sentença de Deus) is an unfinished Brazilian western film project developed between 1954 and 1956, directed by José Mojica Marins.[1] Marins is also known by his alter ego Zé do Caixão (in English, Coffin Joe). The film was restored into a complete format in 2007 by Portal Heco de Cinema de Brasil.[2][3][4]


Antonio, desperate man who cannot maintain a job to support his mother, Dona Lídia, and his sister Marta, after his father, a banker and patriarchal head of the family, is killed. Later, he boards a group of criminals who plan a robbery and they want and him to be the driver.

The production of the film was interrupted after some problems, including the death of actress Conchita Espanhol.[2]



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