God Rot Tunbridge Wells!

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God Rot Tunbridge Wells! is a 1985 British musical television film directed by Tony Palmer, written by John Osborne and starring Trevor Howard, Christopher Bramwell and Dave Griffiths.[1] It was aired on Channel 4 in 1985 and was made to mark the 300th anniversary of Handel's birth.


In old age, the German composer George Frideric Handel reflects over his life and musical career.

Main cast[edit]

  • Trevor Howard – Elderly Handel
  • Christopher Bramwell – Young Handel
  • Dave Griffiths – Handel in middle age
  • Isabella Connell – Princess of Wales
  • Anne Downie – Vittoria Turquini
  • Beth Robens – Handel's Mother
  • Simon Donald – Prince Ruspoli


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