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Godfrey John was born and grew up in Wales. He was a poet and teacher of Christian Science.

He served in the Royal Air Force. John graduated from Cambridge University[1] where he was boxing team captain and a "light blue", and was a British amateur heavyweight boxing champion. For more than 40 years, poems and essays by John were published in the Christian Science Monitor.[2]

Godfrey John moved to the United States in 1958, where he lived and worked and received a first award from the Academy of American Poets.[3] He taught English at several colleges in the United States,[1] and later worked as an arts critic for the Christian Science Monitor. He became a public practitioner of Christian Science.[4] In 1970, he moved to Canada, where he became a dual citizen (Canadian and British). In Canada, he also became a Christian Science teacher and served briefly on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. For many years he was also active as a voluntary probation and parole officer.


Godfrey John was widely published in the Christian Science periodicals. He published a collection of poems and essays in the books Five Seasons (Foursquare Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1977) and Compassion Wins (Thomson-Shore, Inc., Dexter, Michigan, 2001).[4] The foreword of his second book was written by Rushworth Kidder.[5] Some of his poems are in the Welsh cywydd form.


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