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Godspeaker is an adult trilogy of fantasy novels written by Karen Miller about the land and people of a world unlike our own.

Empress of Mijak[edit]

In a family torn apart by poverty and violence, Hekat is no more than an unwanted mouth to feed, worth only a few coins from a passing slave trader.

But Hekat was not born to be a slave. For her, a different path has been chosen. It is a path that will take her from stinking back alleys to the house of her god, from blood-drenched battlefields to the glittering palaces of Mijak.

This is the story of Hekat, slave to no man.

The Riven Kingdom[edit]

The King of Ethrea is dying. His only surviving heir is the princess Rhian. But if her enemies have their way, Ethrea will not be ruled by a woman.

Dexterity Jones is a toy maker. To protect Princess Rhian and his country, he must place his trust in an exile from Mijak. Yet, as Ethrea comes ever closer to civil war, a greater danger awaits.

Across the sea, an empress has already slaughtered millions in the name of her god. And the war will not end—until the world kneels before her.

Hammer of God[edit]

In Ethrea, Rhian sits upon a precarious throne. Defiant dukes who will not accept her rule threaten the stability of her kingdom. Dexterity has been banished from her court in disgrace. The blue-haired slave, Zandakar, the man she thought was her friend, has been revealed as the son of a woman sworn to destroy her world. And Rhian's husband, King Alasdair, is unsure of her love.

The trading nations refuse to believe Mijak is a threat and promise reprisals if she dares protect her realm. Only Emperor Han of mysterious Tzhung-tzhungchai knows that the danger from Mijak is real.

But is he an ally or an enemy in disguise? As Rhian struggles to learn the truth, and keep her embattled crown, the murderous warhost of Mijak advances...