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Cover page for the book Goggles!.jpeg
AuthorEzra Jack Keats
IllustratorEzra Jack Keats
Cover artistEzra Jack Keats
CountryUnited States
GenreChildren's picture book
PublisherMacmillan (New York)
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)

Goggles! is a 1969 children's picture book by American author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats published by the Penguin Group in 1998. The books is about two boys finding motorcycle goggles. Goggles won a Caldecott Honor in 1970. The illustration consist of mellow colors.[1]


Peter, the main character, and his friend Archie find motorcycle goggles near their hideout. They encounter some "big boys" that want to take the goggles. They get a surprise from Peter's dog and end the day safe with the goggles.


Peter: A young boy who found goggles.
Archie: A young friend of Peter who goes through the journey of getting the goggles back.
Willie: Peter's dog who helps the two friends out.


  1. ^ Keats, Ezra Jack. Goggles. Penguin Group, 1998. Print.

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