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GoldenTiger Productions

GoldenTiger Productions was formed in 2007 by Maryland film writer / producer Corey Williams (born January 20, 1978). GoldenTiger Productions produced the independent feature film TORN and romantic comedy Can't Complain in 2009. In 2010 the independent feature film Razorblade City was produced followed by the film "King of Baltimore", and short films "The Charl(Y)ie Factor", "Gathering Souls" and "Early Retirement". In 2011 the suspense thriller "Senior CUT Day: The Movie" was completed. The film premiered on December 8, 2011 at the Landmark Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2012 the documentary "Indie Film Artists: The DMV Truth" which features twenty individuals who are involved in all aspects of independent films in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area premiered at the Landmark Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland on October 25, 2012. The documentary won best documentary at the 2013 The Hot Media International Film Festival. The documentary has been selected to the Seventh Annual Costa Rica International Film Festival in Montezuma, Costa Rica June 28th-30th 2013. GoldenTiger Productions produced the feature film Roulette which was written and directed by Erik Kristopher Myers and will be distributed by R-Square Films during the Fall of 2013. Also in 2013, the comedy feature film "6 Nonsmokers" was produced.


  • Asi es la vida - short film (2008): producer, writer (story)
  • TORN (2009): producer
  • Can't Complain (2009): producer, writer (story)
  • Razorblade City (2010): producer
  • King of Baltimore (2010): producer
  • The Charl(Y)ie Factor - short film (2010): producer
  • Gathering Souls - short film (2010): producer
  • Early Retirement - short film (2010): producer
  • Senior CUT Day: The Movie (2011): producer
  • Indie Film Artists: The DMV Truth (2012): director, producer, story
  • Roulette (2012): producer
  • 6 Nonsmokers (2013): producer
  • You're Dead! (2014): producer

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