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Goldin+Senneby (since 2004, based in Stockholm) is a framework for collaboration set up by artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, exploring juridical, financial and spatial constructs through notions of the performative and the virtual.

Their collaboration started with The Port (2004–06);[1] a series of insertions into the online world Second Life, exhibited among other places on Artport, Whitney Museum in 2005.[2]

They are also known for the project AfterMicrosoft,[3] in which they re-photographed the site in Sonoma valley where Bliss, the default wallpaper in Windows XP, was taken.

In their more recent body of work, known as Headless (2007 -), they approach the sphere of offshore finance, and its production of virtual space through legal code. Looking at strategies of withdrawal and secrecy, they trace an offshore company on the Bahamas called Headless Ltd. A ghostwritten detective novel continuously narrates their investigations.[4] This work was exhibited at the 28th São Paulo Art Biennial,[5] The Power Plant, Toronto,[6] with an epilogue at the Kadist Art Foundation in Paris.[7]


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