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Leslie & Susan Gonda Building
The Mayo Clinic Gonda Building as seen from the nearby Plummer Building
General information
Architectural style Modern
Location Rochester, Minnesota
Coordinates 44°01′23″N 92°28′00″W / 44.0230195°N 92.4665657°W / 44.0230195; -92.4665657[1]Coordinates: 44°01′23″N 92°28′00″W / 44.0230195°N 92.4665657°W / 44.0230195; -92.4665657[1]
Completed 2001
Technical details
Floor count 21 stories
Design and construction
Architect Ellerbe Becket
Structural engineer Ellerbe Becket
Main contractor Mayo Clinic/Centex Rodgers
The Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building as seen from the newly renovated Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester, Minnesota
Statues of the Mayo brothers, "Dr. Will" and "Dr. Charlie", with the Gonda Building rising behind them

The Gonda Building is a medical building owned by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and designed by Ellerbe Becket Architects and Engineers.

It rises 305 feet (93 m) in 21 floors, and was completed in 2001.[2]

The Gonda building was the largest building project in the Mayo Clinic’s history, the Leslie & Susan Gonda Building was constructed in three phases to a height of 21 stories. It has the capability to add 10 more floors. Located at the heart of the campus, Gonda is the centerpiece of Mayo’s integrated practice.

The Gonda Building is physically conjoined on its South side to the Mayo Building although the floors do not match perfectly.

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