Goodsprings Cemetery (Nevada)

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Goodsprings Cemetery

The Goodsprings Cemetery consists of 1.33 acres (0.54 ha) and is an old, continuing cemetery located southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada seven miles (11 km) from Jean and just before entering the town of Goodsprings.[1]


The cemetery was in use long before A.J. Robbins donated the property to the town in 1913 with the earliest marked burial dating to December 27, 1890 for that of Anna Nimmer.[2]

The cemetery has been investigated by the Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations for signs of those who have left this mortal realm.Bigfoot's Pad Paranormal Team has investigated this location and others for signs of the paranormal since 2008.[3]


George Fayle, former Clark County Commission chairman,[4] who built the Fayle Goodsprings Hotel in 1916, and Jean Fayle, for whom the town of Jean was named,[5] are buried there along with many war veterans.[6][7] Norman Price,[8] who built the Goodsprings School, is also buried in this cemetery.


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