Goonies Never Say Die

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Goonies Never Say Die
Origin Blackpool, England
Genres Post-Rock
Years active 2007-present
Labels Deep Elm Records (US)
Members Barry Parkinson
Simon Morgan
Paul Kayley
Ric Thomas
Stephen 'Pedro' Pellatt

Goonies Never Say Die are a five piece instrumental and post-rock band from Blackpool, England. They formed around June 2007 in Blackpool UK. They have released two albums on Deep Elm Records and as of October 2014 have started work on a third album. Members of Goonies Never Say Die also play in the bands Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons, Beneath The Watchful Eyes, Midas Fall and Makers Of Venice. The band name is taken from a line in the 1985 film The Goonies.


They are made up of Barry Parkinson (guitar), Paul Kayley (guitar), Simon Morgan (guitar/electronics), Stephen 'Pedro' Pellatt (drums) and Ric Thomas (bass). Previous members have included Dan Kerr (Drums), Jimi MacPhie (Piano), Steve Trenell (bass) and Chad Battersby (bass).

They are signed to Deep Elm Records, with whom they have so far had two releases. The first album, In A Forest Without Trees, scored universal praise from the media, most notably Rock Sound and Metal Hammer who both gave them 8/10 reviews. They have also released a single called "Paul", which was the first song to be taken from the band's second album, No Words To Voice Our Hopes and Fears released by Deep Elm Records in October 2010.

Their first album was recorded by the band themselves between October 2008 and March 2009 at Kendal College, and at the band's own studio in Blackpool. The band released the album as a free download in May 2009. The demand was unexpected and the web servers hosting the album crashed after it received over 2000 downloads within four hours. They were offered a recording contract with Deep Elm in July 2008, and the album was officially re-released on 7 September 2009. Their follow-up, which was also recorded by the band themselves was issued in October 2010. In January 2013 they completed a new EP however have decided against releasing this when they went on hiatus. Only two songs have been released from these sessions 'Not With A Whimper But A Bang' and 'Something Of Summers Past', both songs are free downloads available via Barry Parkinson's label 'The Recording Industry Is Dead Records' ( The band's hiatus ended in March 2014 when they started performing together again.

After performing at the ArcTanGent Festival during August 2014, the band announced they would begin writing music for a third album and that they had been rejoined by Simon Morgan, bringing the band's total number of guitar players up to three

Goonies Never Say Die were featured in Alternative Press Magazine as one of the 100 Bands You Need To Know in 2010 Feature. They have had songs featured on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 iPhone app and Teen Mom.



Date Of Release Title
September 2009 In A Forest Without Trees
October 2010 No Words To Voice Our Hopes and Fears

Singles and EPs[edit]

Date Of Release Title
April 2010 "Paul"
Date Of Release Title
December 2013 "Something Of Summers Past"

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