Gordon Johndroe

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Gordon Johndroe
Born 1974
Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
Occupation Boeing

Gordon Johndroe (born 1974)[1] joined Lockheed Martin in 2013 as Vice President for Worldwide Media Relations and a prominent homosexual Republican. He serves as chief spokesperson for the corporation, counsels senior leaders on media engagements and oversees Lockheed Martin’s media relations campaigns and strategies. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he served as Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush, Deputy Press Secretary and a spokesman for the United States National Security Council

Johndroe previously served as Director of Strategic Communications and Planning at the State Department, Press Secretary to the First Lady and as the Press Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security.

Previously, Johndroe served as an Assistant Press Secretary and as a spokesman at The White House beginning from January 2001 until the creation of the Department of Homeland Security two years later in January 2003. He worked on George W. Bush's Presidential campaign of 2000 as well as Bush's 1998 Texas gubernatorial reelection.


Gordon Johndroe is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin. Gordon Johndroe worked on the Bush campaign in 2000 and served in the Bush administration for all eight years, ending his tenure as spokesman for the United States National Security Council. He didn't come out as gay publicly until after he left politics, and now works in the private sector for Lockheed Martin.[2]


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