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Sir Gordon Shattock (born 12 May 1928, Exeter — died 10 April 2010) was a British Conservative Party's Western-area Chairman, who survived the 1984 Brighton bombing, which claimed the life of his first wife, Jeanne. He suffered sensory damage, particularly to his hearing.[1]

A native of Exeter, Shattock was educated at Hele's School. He studied veterinary science at the Royal Veterinary College in London and worked in that profession in his native city for more than three decades before he was forced to retire due to the sensory injuries he had sustained in Brighton.

He met his second wife, Wendy, at Exeter Cathedral, where his wife's memorial service was held in December 1984. They married four years later. He chaired the Exeter Cathedral Music Foundation Trust until 2004.

He died on 10 April 2010, aged 81 at The Lodge nursing home in Exeter, survived by his wife and his two children from his first marriage.


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