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Gorăn Gorăn
The weekly Market in Gorom-Gorom
The weekly Market in Gorom-Gorom
Gorom-Gorom is located in Burkina Faso
Location within Burkina Faso
Coordinates: 14°27′N 0°14′W / 14.450°N 0.233°W / 14.450; -0.233
Country  Burkina Faso
Region Sahel Region
Province Oudalan Province
Department Gorom-Gorom Department
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Gorom-Gorom is a town in northern Burkina Faso. Its name means you sit down, (and) we'll sit down, reminding of its role as an important crossroads in the Sahel.[1] It is the capital of Oudalan Province.

Known for its market and many mosques, it attracts large numbers of Tuaregs, Bella, Fula and other traders every week. Gold is mined nearby in Essakane.[citation needed]

Songhay pottery being sold at Gorom Gorom's market

In literature[edit]

Gorom-Gorom is the setting for the Sophie books, written by British children's author Stephen Davies: Sophie and the Albino Camel (2006, Andersen Press), Sophie and the Locust Curse (2007) and Sophie and the Pancake Plot (2008).


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Coordinates: 14°27′N 0°14′W / 14.450°N 0.233°W / 14.450; -0.233